Manually discovering telemetry events

Telemetry events are only captured if they’ve a handler attached You can only attach handlers if you know the telemetry events names This situation makes finding telemetry events emitted by your application or your dependencies a bit hard. Telemetry is really thin (as it needs to be as performant as possible), and it doesn’t allow for a lot of flexibility. Currently, the developer needs to search for events in the documentation of many libraries and try to understand how they work. Read more...

Writing a simple mailing service in Rust

Generally, when working with microservices you don’t want to have every service sending emails separately. Building a mailing service is pretty simple and today we are gonna do it with Rust, because other languages are too mainstream. We will first develop the application, then dockerize it and then finally use it on a docker-compose file. This application was written with integration tests in mind. In production you should probably use something more robust. Read more...

Hello, world!

I created this blog so I can share some stuff I’ve been writing.
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